Friday, December 02, 2016

Consumer Loans

Auto Loans
Whether you’re in the market for a sporty new ride or a safe, family minivan, we have the new or used auto loan for you. Whether you are purchasing from a dealership or an individual, we have the financing you need.
Recreational Loans
Toys are fun, but they can be expensive. Boats, motorcycles and snowmobiles all can be affordable when you finance through Mason State Bank.
Personal Loans
Need some extra cash for that vacation or some minor home repairs, we have the loan for you.
CD Secured Loans
Don’t want to spend your hard earned cash and want a low interest rate loan, our CD secured loan rates are based on your CD term.

Checking Resource
Take the worry out of overdraft fees, apply for a Checking Resource Line of Credit.


Contact Customer Service for terms and interest rates.
Downtown Mason office 517-676-0500
East Lansing office 517-337-5000
Leslie office 517-589-0500





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