Friday, December 02, 2016

Cash Management

Do you need more time to concentrate on what matters most to your business; YOUR BUSINESS?!

Mason State Bank has Internet Commercial Cash Management Services, which have the capacity to streamline your accounting, payment and collection systems, payroll, tax payments, wire transfers, banking and more! Customers that are currently utilizing Cash Management are discovering significant time savings, accessibility, convenience and security of the product.

We offer this high-tech, easy-to-understand product because we feel our business customers will greatly benefit from it. You can visit our demo or call and we will come out to your office to discuss how Cash Management can specifically benefit you.


With remote deposit capture and your own computer you can deposit checks into your account anytime. No more rushing to the bank, no more preparing deposit tickets and your funds are available sooner.


As a business owner are you finding the need to ACCEPT credit cards? Your customers expect convenience; maybe that convenience is the freedom of paying for services with a card. We can help with that. If you are already accepting credit cards maybe we can save you money with a free no obligation quote.

We thank you for your business and look forward to many more opportunities to serve you!


Call our Business Banking Specialist at our downtown Mason office 517-676-0500 ext. 215


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